Carpet Pad- Create comfort and durability with pad. The right pad will add much comfort and greatly improve the wear of your carpet.  Our premium pad is 1st Choice- it is 1/2″ thick and 8lb wt. It has a spillguard and is antimicrobial. These aspects are great for allergy sufferers, and families with small children. We also carry 3/8″ 8lb Tartan, 7/16″ 6lb Liberty, and 7/16″ 7lb Blue Lagoon. 

IN STOCK AND ON DISPLAY- 12′ and 15′ rolls and remnants! When you think of carpet, you think of comfort. Our friendly staff is here to help you meet your needs. We have a carpet that is made completely of recycled material and can be recycled upon removal from your home. This material does not harbor allergens and is stain resistant.  

We buy carpet rolls, remnants, and carpet tile by the truck load to help save you money. Because of this, you can see the roll and not just a sample. You can choose the color, thickness and texture you prefer from our hundreds of in stock rolls and remnants.

If our in stock options don’t suit your needs, we also have many special order options to choose from.

The in stock options can be taken home the same day. You can install it, or we can refer one of our trusted and experienced installation crews. 

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